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Our policy and practice: To customize every search, conducting comprehensive reference and background screening on each candidate, for every position, before we ever recommend that candidate for your consideration.

Our promise: To find the right candidate for the position and your firm. We pay particular attention to your firm's culture and other intangibles that can make or break a good fit.

We also speak at length with every named reference, and will not send you a candidate with anything less than a minimum of four consistent, first-rate endorsements. In addition, you can be assured that our candidates are kept fully informed of your expectations.

Our pledge: We take the time to personally meet with and interview every candidate in depth. We assess his or her presentation, oral, interpersonal and social skills, and evaluate what makes that person stand out from other associates or legal assistants. We do not consider a telephone interview to be sufficient.

Our process: Your needs are our top priority. First, we take the time to get to know your firm, your clients, your "personality" - important elements that pay off in the accuracy of the matches we make.

Next, we take an inventory of your requirements, including those of each opening being staffed, your preferred credentials and experience, as well as everything on your "wish list," including special searches for particularly hard-to-fill positions. The more information you can provide, the more effective and efficient our search will be... adding up to a streamlined match with the best candidates available.

We must be doing something right... We have a demonstrated record of satisfying our clients' legal staffing needs - for both permanent and temporary positions.

Our fees: Our fee structure is competitive with other recruiting firms. We will work with you to arrive at a fair and reasonable compensation figure which will fit within your budget.


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