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Our policy and practice: To find the job that fits you. We customize every search, and strive to find the match that enriches your life and your career.

Our promise: To work closely with you to find the position that fits... from first year associates all the way up to partner level and beyond.

Our pledge: We do not paper firms with resumes. Our contacts, instincts and attention to detail ensure that we only target firms that request your skills, and where you will have the best chance at success.

Our process: We begin by taking an inventory of your requirements, as well as everything on your "wish list." The more information you can provide, the more effective and efficient our search will be... adding up to a streamlined match with the best positions for you.

We are particularly attentive to corporate/firm culture, and how you and the firm will fit together. We'll be straight with you about requirements and honest about your chances, and our clients will be kept fully informed about your expectations. No surprises.


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