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Other Services

LegalSearch provides personalized service to clients and candidates alike. We work closely with you, and offer additional help and support whenever needed to make sure our placements are a success for everyone involved.

Our goal is to find both you, the candidate, and you, the employer, what you want and need. These essential extras are an integral part of our efforts to ensure successful placements.

Relocation Assistance

Whether you are relocating to follow a great opportunity, or electing to relocate to a chosen city, region or country, we can help guide you and make your transition easier. We have worked with attorneys all over the world, as well as in our home base of New York, and have a global perspective on the legal 'market'. We have substantial contacts in law firms and companies around the country and the world, which enables us to find and identify appropriate opportunities. Once we do that, we can help ease the transition to a position in another country, city or state.

Our Process

When the right position as been located and landed, we then take additional time to find out everything we can about you as a person, including your needs, wants and expectations about your new home base. We talk to your spouse or significant other; we discuss family issues and your current and projected lifestyle in your new location.

When we, together, come to an understanding of your requirements, we will marshal our resources in your new city/town. We connect you to our network of realtors, put you in touch with educational specialists (if your family situation requires that), and look into the local medical community for you and your family's needs.

Our goal is to help you find the right place/situation for your lifestyle, not just an easy commute.

Our resource center also offers a great collection of links to other sites that can help with various aspects of the relocation process.

Recent Relocations

We helped a lawyer relocate back to the NY area from Japan with his wife and two children. He'd been away awhile, and was uncertain about where in the NY area was currently within his budget and right for his present situation. We advised him and his family as to appropriate and affordable locations. We also put him in contact with a trusted realtor, and then helped him relocate into a similar situation to that which he left seven years before.

A single woman lawyer was relocating to Moscow for a new position. We connected her to a company that handled high level executive relocation and was very familiar with the living situation in Moscow. Coming from NYC, she was accustomed to traveling in cabs and needed to be sure she would relocate to a safe, good area in her new city. We made sure she found a great apartment in a secure complex in Moscow that was able to handle her dog and helped locate a wonderful nanny for her children. When this woman recently moved back to the U.S. for another new position, we also helped her relocate the nanny, who had become an integral part of their family.

We have also handled much domestic relocation, with all of the attendant details. Several recent examples include lawyers moving from NY to Florida, from Chicago to NY and from NY to Philadelphia. Although closer than Moscow or Japan, and with fewer cultural differences to take into account, many of the same concerns and transplantation requirements apply: The need for good housing in a safe, appropriate and convenient location; schools for children; positions for spouses; household help; openness to pets.

We're more than happy to help you weed through the options and find the best solutions for your particular needs.


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