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"We are a large multinational, and when a major officer left we were in desperate need of a replacement. We had very stringent criteria, and LSI presented us with a few carefully selected candidates who were perfect. In addition, the write-ups accompanying the candidates and the candidate debriefing notes were something we had never experienced before. The performance of this firm was simply outstanding. They made our need a priority instead of 'yessing' us and just putting the request in a pile. Not only did they find us the perfect candidate, but they have been recommended internationally to all of our HR specialists as a premiere preferred vendor."
W.R., Director of Human Resources

"Mark came recommended to me from a former colleague of mine. We operate a hedge fund in Asia and had been looking for 18 months for a GC. Mark found us a spot-on match in a candidate within one week, and this individual started within three weeks of our initial meeting. It amazed me that we had this position out with some of the world's top recruiters and nothing was done on it. My only regret is that we had not worked with LegalSearch sooner."
P.K., President of Hedge Fund

"I was so very unhappy at my firm when I got Mark's call. My mind set was that all law firms were alike. At that point Mark said to me, 'Saying all law firms are alike is like saying all lawyers are alike.' We were able to find another firm with a terrific group to work with and I am so pleased with my move."
M.O., Associate

"My wife and I just had a baby and we wanted to be in Philadelphia where we were closer to our parents. Mark found a law firm with a sophisticated practice that has proven to be a wonderful career move for me. He shepherded me through the entire process and did a great job negotiating my compensation. In addition, he went above and beyond and found someone to take over my apartment lease so I could move immediately with no financial loss."
A.M., Senior Associate

"I began working with Mark when I was an associate seeking to move to another firm. Mark has provided me with invaluable career advice and guidance over the years, kept me informed on trends in the marketplace, and most recently placed me as a partner in a wonderful national firm that has provided an amazing platform for my practice. His honesty and candor are just invaluable."
J.P., Partner

"I have spoken to so many recruiters and believe that Mark was the only one who understood me and the value of what I could bring to the table as an associate. Instead of fitting me into a cookie-cutter position like everyone else was trying to, he was able to create a situation for me. When I was so disgusted with my firm that I just wanted to leave, he urged me not to, and told me if I needed time I should take a leave of absence so there would not be a gap in my resume. What I have now would not have happened without his guidance and encouragement."
E.L., Associate

"Working with Mark is like having your own personal guidance counselor. Although he did not place me, he was kind enough to help me sort through offers I had. His advice enabled me to take the one that would provide me with the path I needed to be on. It amazed me the time he spent with me, knowing that he would not make a fee on the placement. I would recommend anyone I know to him for help. If I do move again, he will be the first person I call."
W.S., Associate

"I wanted an in-house position, and Mark's timing was perfect. He helped me fine tune my resume and also forwarded a model deal sheet that I could put my experience into. I spent two hours with him preparing for the interview, and when I got to the company's offices I felt I knew so much about them that I was able to imagine where my desk would be. I met the client on Tuesday, went back on Thursday and had an offer on Friday. Mark negotiated my compensation as well as helped me get some upfront vacation time."
S.G., Assistant General Counsel

"Through Mark and LegalSearch, I was able to find a position at a great investment bank. The base was significantly lower than what I was making, with a much larger bonus at the end of the year - but I would not be able to take the position because of my high monthly expenses. Mark was able to negotiate a large sign-on bonus that allowed me to take the amazing job I now have. I have recommended him to several colleagues of mine. What I found so impressive was the fact that he kept in touch with me, and continues to do so, to make sure things are going well in my position. When there was a rough spot, he was able to run interference and settle something that had the potential of becoming a tremendous problem."
D.G., General Counsel

"When I first spoke to Mark about a position, he found me one that meant taking a large pay cut. I was not very happy with this, but he convinced me that it was a small step backwards and it would lead to a huge leap forward. After much discussion with my wife I took the position and pay cut. Three years later my career is spectacular and my compensation is higher than most law firm partners."
P.S., General Counsel

"LegalSearch and Mark have done outstanding work for my company. In the past we have found that many of our search firms paper us with resumes that are not suitable for our needs. LegalSearch seems to consistently find us the top talent in the areas we are looking for, and does so within three to five resumes."
B.S., Managing Partner

"When Mark first contacted me about a partner opportunity I was skeptical. I know a lot of people in the business and I wasn't sure I wanted to work with a recruiter. When it came to negotiations, with Mark involved I was able to keep my hands out of it and he got me an amazing pay package. After several years at that firm I was ready to move on. I contacted Mark again and told him that things were not going well because of a merger and I was thinking about testing the waters again. Once again he streamlined my search to five firms. I had three offers and now Chair the department nationwide. He has matched great associates to me as well. Things are going great in my career, but if that ever changes, he will be the first person I call to represent me and my group."
B.D., Partner, Group Head

"We have worked with many search firms. On a recent project we brought in Mark and his team, as well as several other search firms. LegalSearch was the only firm that was able to deliver what we wanted. In our experience it is better to work with a boutique targeted legal executive search firm, such as LegalSearch, than a mega search firm that is so large it lacks proper communications within its infrastructure."
J.S., General Counsel


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