About Us

We are experienced attorneys and professionals, who know what employers expect. We have a demonstrated record of satisfying clients’ legal staffing needs – for both permanent and temporary positions.

   Our policy and practice is to find the job that fits you. 

We make sure you will be placed in a firm that can help you obtain your career objectives.  Firms are happy to meet with qualified candidates when a recruiter has a good track record.

Staffed entirely by experienced attorneys, partners and professionals, we have a combined 50 years experience in legal staffing. Our success stems from having worked with, among others, the oldest legal recruiting firm in Manhattan. 

Each of our staff members is steeped in confidentiality, detail, follow-up and is service oriented-inspiring trust in both clients and candidates.  You can have the confidence that our clients are among the best and fully informed of your expectations.

Your needs are our top priority.  LegalSearch gets to know you by taking an inventory of your requirements, as well as everything on your “wish list.”  The more information you give us, the more efficient our search.  It adds up to a streamlined match-up with the best jobs.

Some firms work on the principal of “throw enough paint on the wall and some is going to stick.”  We do not paper firms with resumes; we specifically target firms that request your skills.  We will only present you to a client that we feel will fulfill your needs.  It is detrimental to paper you all over the legal community and we will not do that.  We want to make sure your professional life will thrive. 

We like to think of ourselves as career planners and we will be with you every step of the way to make sure this is a successful match.